Google Plus vs Facebook. Which is better?

Google has launched its social network Google Plus. We have collected the user reviews and conclude that Google plus is better than Facebook. Read below user reviews:

Anthony De Rosa  -  09:10:

Pretty sure I like this more than Facebook already. Here’s why:
1) Better presentation of photo albums.
2) Overall cleaner, simpler interface (sure to get more complicated later, unless they’re smart)
3) Feels more active and realtime even though it’s light-years smaller in user-base.
4) Better privacy
5) Data liberation option

Zachary Adam Cohen – i like this more than facebook because you are the only person in my feed as opposed to 750 women i’ve tried to bang via friend requests.

Ruth Bazinet – I like that you can edit updates rather than deleting and reposting.

Jean-Louis Nguyen – Circles is what Facebook should have done ages ago. Love the UI, and the ability to view separate streams for each circle. It lets you focus on what you want to know right now.

23jacob Jacob Joseph

First Day – First Show, #google+ is kick as, already most of my friends and contacts are on it. Don’t feel the urge to visit facebook

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