Google is giving +1 stickers to adsense publishers.

I have received my Adsense payment today and in the envelope it has high quality +1 stickers. Google also gave Digital photo frames, wireless mouse kits, flip video camcorders,  laptop bags, etc to top publishers in the past.

Google  1 Sticker with Adsense

3 days ago, all adsense publishers received the below email:

Dear Publisher,
As a token of our appreciation of your continued participation in the Google AdSense programme, we have sent you a couple of +1 stickers in the envelope with your AdSense earnings this month. You can sport them on your laptops, and even share them with your friends!
Over the past few months, the +1 button has been helping people receive recommendations from their friends where they’re most useful, right on Google search.
Putting the +1 button on your site lets users share your content with their circles on Google+, potentially allowing you to expand your audience and bring in more relevant traffic.
Additionally, by giving people a chance to +1 your content, you might see a greater number of total +1’s on your pages. This in turn could lead to more personal annotations on your content when it appears on Google Search, and more and better qualified traffic coming to your site.

Implementation of the +1 button only requires adding a few lines of code, so have a look at the +1 configuration tool, generate a code snippet, and let your users start sharing your content to Google+.

The Google AdSense team

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