Google acquire Fridge. Google Plus will be starting Groups soon?

For those who don’t know about FRIDGE –

The Fridge is a group-based site. Fridge is simple groups for personal and private sharing of media, events, and conversation.

Anyone can easily create a group, invite friends, and have one place for specific conversations and shared photos, videos, events and more.

Fridge makes group coordination and sharing simple!

Now Fridge posted in their blog post that it is acquired by Google and it will close all their services by August 20, 2011. The Fridge team will be folded into Google+ and will be a part of Google + Project.

Now one thing is very clear that Google+ is all set to beat Facebook.


Below are the main features in Fridge. If you notice that many of them are already in Google plus except Groups. So now we can expect that Google Plus will launch groups soon.






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