Get email, phone numbers, personal information of facebook friends.

Now you can easily get email, phone numbers & other personal information of all your Facebook friends in one go. Just you need to download the Google Chrome extensionFacebook Friend Exporter. Basically you will get the following information:

  • – Name
  • – Emails
  • – Phone numbers
  • – Screen names
  • – Websites

You can get the extension here –

[Do not forget to read the Notes in the end]


1. Install the Extension. Then refresh your facebook homepage. “Export friends!” link will appear in the menu (See below image).

Google Chrome extension – Facebook Friend

2. Click on the above “Export friends!” link. It will ask you for the redirection. See below.

Facebook Friends - get email phone numbers

2. Click on the Redirect Now button – page will be redirected to A new TOS window will be opened. Accept the terms and Lets Get Started.Facebook Friends - get email phone numbers

3. Now your all facebook friends will be listed one one page. Click on Let’s start. Depending how many friends you have, this may take a very very long time to complete.

Facebook Friends - get email phone numbers

See below Work in progress:

Facebook Friends - get email phone numbers

4. After the process is completed, an export link will appear (Gmail, CSV). Either you can download the contacts or you can directly send your contacts in gmail.

Facebook Friends - get email phone numbers

Notes –

1. If you send to gmail – This will log you into your GMail account, and import your Facebook friend data into your Contacts. We’ll create a group in your GMail contacts called "Imported from Facebook" and we’ll avoid duplicating any existing contacts.

2.  – If a notice appears after a couple of minutes, please try again the next day. Your contacts will be cached, so don’t worry, you will continue where you left off. The reason for the notice, Facebook originally places text based email address in the profile, if it sees that you are visiting ~60 friends info page in an hour, it doesn’t like that, so it converts the text based email addresses to an image.

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