Fix Google Plus One button problem in Blogger

Google has launched its Plus One button for Blogs/Websites. Now you can embed the button in your blogs similar to Facebook Like button.

But if you are a blogger ( user with your own customized template then it might possible that Google +1 button will not show up in your blog posts even if you enable Share Buttons.

Google Plus One button in Share Buttons

Solution –

1. Go to Design-> Edit HTML-> In <head> tag add the below code and save.

   1: <script src='' type='text/javascript'/>

If you are using Share buttons then Google Plus 1 button will show up. If not, then follow Step 2:

2. Search for <div class="post-header-line-1"/> or <data:post.body/> in the code and paste the below code after these:

   1: <g:plusone expr:href="data:post.url"></g:plusone>

And you are Done..

Google Plus One button in Blogger

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  1. dannybuntu says:

    Thanks man. I was actually looking for the solution on why the other google plus button keeps reverting back to 0, when I found your blog. Anyway, this would also do 🙂

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