Facebook kicks out of the Google advertising Apps

Facebook wants to once again prove to the market and today announced that Google’s AdSense network may be now not part of Facebook apps. Now onward Adsense is not allowed on Facebook applications.

This is a sad news for developers as many developers are dependent on this and making thousands of $$ from adsence enabled facebook apps.


In the new advertising guidelines Facebook says that ad networks should sign the term term and conditions of Facebook.

According to a Facebook developer, “It’s is very obvious that Facebook wrote these conditions so that Google can never sign them. It’s an ongoing game of flexing of muscle between them. Facebook is recruiting top talent from google and this is just adding salt to the wound.”

In the list of ad networks Google AdSense is not available. Only a few smaller and lesser-known (such as Fox or adapter) networks must maintain their status. So if you develop a Facebook app, you have to select the ad provider carefully.

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  1. James says:

    I think the real issue, or at least the real alleged issue, is that they banned all his other stuff too.

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