Facebook added Translate Link in comments

Facebook already has Like & share links in comments & posts. Now Facebook added Translate link in comments.

I have set my language preference as “English” in facebook. If someone comments in language other than “English, then a link “Translate” appears for me.

See below screenshots:

Facebook Comment Translate link

Screenshot 1 – Translate link appears when comments are added in other language.

Facebook Comment Translate link

Screenshot 2 – After clicking on Translate link, link "Original" appears.

Below is some issue with translate link:

Facebook Translate button bug

Screenshot 3 – Translate button appears for one comment but not on others. But why it is appears for one? Might be possible that the comment contains word hmm!

And when user clicks on Translate button for the above comment, then following message appears:

Facebook Translate Link bug

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  1. eva says:

    I am not finding “translate” on any of the posts or comments that come up in another language on my facebook window… my language preference is set to English. Is there something else I also need to do?

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