Download Facebook’s – Best Practice Guide Marketing on Facebook.

Facebook has launched its own new Best Practice Guide for Marketing on Facebook. Check it out for tips on using Facebook to reach your business objectives via Facebook Pages, Facebook Ads, Facebook Platform and more. Click Here to Download the guide.Download Facebook’s - Best Practice Guide

Contents Include:

  1. Introduction
  2. The Facebook ecosystem
  3. Five guiding principles:
    • · Build a strategy that is social by design
    • · Create an authentic brand voice
    • · Make it interactive
    • · Nurture your relationships
    • · Keep learning
  4. Facebook by objective
    • · Foster product development and innovation
    • · Generate awareness
    • · Drive preference and differentiation
    • · Increase traffic and sales
    • · Build loyalty and deepen relationships
    • · Amplify recommendation and word of mouth
    • · Gain insights
  5. Helpful Resources

Click Here to Download the guide.

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